3 Renovations to Modernize Your Home

siding contractor Houston txThey say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can modernize an old home. If you live in an older house, you may think you need a complete overhaul to bring it into the current decade – but don’t worry. There are small things you can do to update your home without breaking your budget. Here are three small home renovations that can make a significant impact:

Open Up Your Kitchen

One of the most common trends in modern homes is an open floor plan. Wide open spaces make the home seem larger and brighter. You can achieve an open floor plan in your home by widening your kitchen door or removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. If this wall is a supporting room, replace the wall with columns.

Change Your Paint

You will be surprised at how much a fresh coat of paint can do to your make your home look more modern. Tear down old patterned wallpaper and replace it with a solid color. Play around and include fun accent walls to give your home expressive pops of color. If you have the budget to change out your furniture as well, choose pieces with simple, clean lines for a more modern look.

Install Vinyl Siding

While wooden siding can be gorgeous, it is difficult to maintain. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance option that makes your home look clean, modern, and new. Contact our siding contractor in Houston, TX, for quality vinyl siding installation today at 281-861-4495.