Selecting the Right Gutters for Your Home – Pt. 2

guttersIn our last post, we addressed the pros and cons of sectional and seamless gutters. When you come to us for gutter replacement in Houston, TX, you also have three shapes to choose from. Here is a guide to each shape to help you decide which shape is right for your home.

K-Shape Gutters

K-shape gutters are very similar to crown molding in shape and is one of the most popular gutter shapes. This type of gutter features creases along the length that make the gutter very structurally strong. It can also carry more water than the half-round shaped gutters, making them an attractive and practical option.

Box Gutters

We install box gutters for commercial buildings. They are different from aluminum gutters because they are integrated into the roof’s structure. One benefit of box gutters is that they are usually over a foot wide, meaning they very rarely become clogged, making them ideal for a commercial building that needs to be in optimal condition at all times to protect customers and employees.

These types of gutters are also typically found on older, historical buildings, and it is recommended that they not be removed from older homes to protect their structural integrit.

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